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SEPTEMBER 26, 2020

You will receive an email invitation the day of the meeting. You will need to have Zoom on your computer or download the Zoom application to attend the conference. You do not need to purchase Zoom.


You will email Jenny Bent your query and/or the opening pages the night before or the morning of the conference. You will have 15 minutes of her time - this will include reading your pages out loud and receiving feedback. Her comments are meant to be off-the-cuff as if she was seeing these pages in her slush pile. It is a good idea to time yourself reading the pages aloud before you email them to her to make sure you leave yourself time for her comments. 

Jenny will accept queries from each writer. I will email you the submission information after the conference.  If she declines your query, you will receive short feed back  - to point you in the right direction for revision. Please remember all critiques are subjective. 

I will circulate emails from all the writers who attend - to those who wish. This way the other writers could provide feed back to you on your pages. This would be voluntary - only for those who wish to share with the other writers. 

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